Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This is a Buddha-esque head I created. It's a contrast between the ancient iconography of statues against the very new material of industrial styrofoam. This turned out beautifully, with great depth of flecks but is one of the more time-consuming projects I've taken on.
I started with two 2-inch thick 10 foot long board of industrial styrofoam (for the larger pebbles), and broke them into 3 foot pieces that I glued together to form a solid block. I then tried sculpting it down into a face with a variety of tools from paint scrapers to brushes, but all tools left a harsh line on the pebbles. I had to scrape the pebbles down into their shape using my bare hands (and learning along the way that styrofoam sticks everywhere - clothes, hair, floor, everything).
Once I had the shape it didn't get any easier. It turned out that spraypaint melts styrofoam, thus the paint had to be against applied by hand. Brushes turned out to be too flat, so I used tootbrushes to first get the medium gray colour, then again used toothbrushes to fleckle the highlights and lowlights for a better stone look.

The final body is a colloboration - only the head is mine.

Sheila's and my first foray into the highly competitive world of dessert sushi. Delicious and a perfect dessert for art students minus the highly sticky quality.

These two girls were performers at FAT: Fashion Alternatives Toronto, and had both an amazing set of costumes and an amazing act.
The three nights of the show had some great designers as well as some mundane ones (hint: if you could buy the exact same clothes at the Gap, why bother?)
The best part of photographing this show is the freedom the models are given to dance, run, scream and generally have real personality on the catwalk.


This was my printmaking piece for last year's Year of the Pig. The rest of the entries and the opening is at .

This was the first time I'd used a metallic ink, and I was very happy with the sheen it ended up with. The metallic ink was very pervasive and slowly ended up in the red, so over the edition the red gets very metallic.

I have the Year of the Rooster and the Dog somewhere as well, but for now they'll consigned to the oblivion of past portfolios.

'Cardboard Alley'

This was my final pick for my alley project. I was happy with how it turned out, though if I created another one I would spend much more time pre-planning out the perspective, especially of the middle stall. It was fun to photograph this as well with a variety of sky ideas, and the fabric choice as well as the movement of light played a huge role in how the photograph turned out.

Year of the Rat - Print 1

3 Block Linocut with Reduction

This year's contribution to the 2008 Year of the Rat Print Exhibition and Exchange at PROOF Studio Gallery. I actually had so much fun with this squirrely piece that I decided to do another rat piece for the show.

Exhibited at PROOF Studio Gallery, February 2008.

To see all the other entries as well as photographs of the opening:

Update: Here are my prints among the others at PROOF Studio Gallery.